Sunday, September 29, 2013

House Tour: Dining Room

This spring, we started talking more seriously about moving out of the suburbs and closer to downtown. We went on vacation in April, and when we got back we decided to look at a house "just for fun". We had no idea that looking at that one house was about to start the ball rolling on actually moving. That house was on a very busy street, but the realtor who showed us that house sent us some other listings, one of which we loved and was having an open house. We went to it that weekend and really, really loved the house. And the realtor selling it. We told him we had our own home to sell, and he told us he could make both happen. It all became very real all of a sudden. He came to meet with us and actually brought us the listing for another house by the same builder that might have better timing. We loved it. Like really loved it. We looked at it that week, and as soon as we turned down the beautiful tree-lined street Warren said "this is it. This is our house". We hadn't even walked in the doors yet. But, it turns out he was right. It was the perfect house on the perfect street in the perfect neighbourhood.

We put in an offer that night and listed our house. Our house sold in 2 days, and we were really doing this thing. We were so nervous at first; we were making a huge neighbourhood change. Out of the suburbs where we'd always been and joining the inner-city ranks. It was the best move we have ever made. Warren's commute when from 1-2 hours EACH WAY to a 20 minute bus ride. We love being able to pop downtown to eat or explore. We love the big trees and established neighbourhood. It was the most impulsive decision we've ever made, but the best one.

We have been here since August and are starting to make some decorating decisions. I want to take our time and choose pieces we really love. I'm going to share the process here as we take our perfect house and turn it into our home.

The dining room is right when you walk in the front door. It is the only room that is 99% completed. We'd love to upgrade the table and chairs down the road, but right now with 2 little boys who like to smear their dinner on every feasible surface it just doesn't make sense! All in good time. Here it is!


  1. Hi. Great house. Where does that large black white artwork come from? Thanks