Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Palm Springs

Oh Palm Springs, we pretty much fell in love with you. The forever kind of love too, not even just the summer fling kind. We had booked this trip over 6 months ago. When we first booked it, it seemed like lightyears away. And then time does that thing where it just flies by and you're not even sure how 6 months just passed when it felt like 6 days.
We met my sister and her boyfriend there too, which made it that much more special. They just recently moved to Toronto from Vancouver (follow along on my sister and her friend's blog here! , so Palm Springs seemed like the best place for a visit obviously. The boys have such a special connection with their auntie La La. Sullivan still hasn't stopped talking about her, and even today coloured his fingernails with pink marker so that he could have nails like Auntie La La. They are pretty blessed to have such a wonderful auntie to call theirs.

But back to Palm Springs. To be honest I didn't know much about it, aside from the fact that it was way warmer than Calgary in November and I loved all the mid-century architecture. It ended up being the perfect spot for our little getaway though; the boys loved the pool in our backyard (bonus: no one to fight over lounge chairs with), having a kitchen cuts down majorly on eating out costs and dinner meltdowns, it's so quiet and tranquil and was never really busy anywhere. We did go out to eat a couple of times and had great experiences. We had pizza at Birba which was amazing, and breakfast at the Ace Hotel which was probably one of the best breakfasts I've ever had! The Ace is an amazing hotel and after just a peek at the grounds I think we'll have to go back just to stay there.

We went on a little trek out to the Coachella Valley Preserve which was amazing. It's a great little hike out to an oasis in the middle of the desert, with amazing desert scenery along the way. It is a perfect hike for young families as it's pretty flat the whole way, but don't try and bring a stroller and bring lots of water because it gets hot out there with no shade! We saw lots of families of all ages walking though, so definitely doable for all age groups!

We also did the drive out to Joshua Tree National Park, and it is worth the 45 minute drive hands down! What an amazing place. The boys loved climbing the rocks and digging in the sand. The sun sets fast this time of year though and the park is huge, so plan for lots of time! We were able to sneak in a little mini photoshoot of both Laura and Doug and our little family, which means so much to be since I'm never in front of the camera! I feel like our boys are going to wonder if I was actually on holidays with them haha.

We will be going back to Palm Springs for sure. I think it's so great if you can go back to the same place every year and have it be a special memory for your kids as they grow, and I think we found our spot. The house was perfect, it's a short direct flight and we just loved the laid-back vibe of the area. Here is the link for the house we stayed at if anyone is interested The owner was amazing to deal with and we'd highly recommend it! Counting down the months until we can go back!

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