Friday, February 6, 2015

Us: The Palm Springs Edition

I already shared our vacation pictures from our trip to Palm Springs in the fall, but these ones are a bit more special. Being a photographer means that when we get home from vacations, we have hundreds of images from our trip (which is great!), and I love getting to photograph my family and capture some of those memories from our trips together. But there is always a little bit of sadness as I scroll through our pictures from holidays, because I am always missing. And Warren absolutely tries his best and will take a million pictures of me and the boys if I ask, but it's the asking part I hate. I think there is such a bittersweet part of being a photographer, because I want those candid, un-posey shots of myself playing with the boys, of Warren and I, of our whole family. But that's just not going to happen.

So this time? This time with Christmas right around the corner I asked for this to be my gift. The gift of me being in the pictures with my family on our holidays. And we really could not be happier with them. Ashley from The Stork and the Beanstalk Photography took these for us, and I am forever grateful. The boys were a wee bit crazy, and she had a brush thrown at her head, but once we got past the show-off portion of the evening it was exactly how I imagined. A little bit chaotic, some tears, some sand in the eyes, cuddles, Cheerios and us exactly as we are in this season of life.

Also, if anyone wants to hire me to come take photographs of them on vacation, just let me know because I sure am missing that sunshine!

Here is a collection of our favourite images:

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